Shoo-In Career

Shoo-In Career

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Shoo-In Career connects top international talent with US & China-based employers, focused on competitive professional services fields like investment banking, management consulting, marketing / analytics, and more.

Jumpstarting Professional Careers

Shoo-in jumpstarts new careers by providing top talent with a comprehensive foundation for professional success, from training in fundamental business communication skills to connections with top-level firms in the most competitive high-growth industries. Shoo-In participants benefit from one-on-one consultations with experienced career coaches as well as mentors drawn from the industries they’re most interested in joining.

Connecting Talent with Opportunity

Shoo-In’s participating employers benefit from a hand-pick set of candidates pursuing a specific target sectors, including (but not limited to) finance, investment banking, accounting, business consulting, real estate, and marketing. Shoo-In is recognized as a consistent provider of top talent across metropolitan areas in the US and in China.

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Service Highlights

Shoo-In collaborates with both talent and employers to ensure a successful endeavor. Since inception, we have connected thousands of candidates and hundreds of employers to lead meaningful careers and create successful lives.

Our track record:

  • 1,500+ Successful Candidates
  • 120 World-Class Companies
  • 300+ Industry Mentors
  • 14 Functional & Industry Tracks

We start with a personal assessment to better understand candidate’s background, challenges, and goals. It focuses on developing strength, so candidates can maximize their potential.

Candidates receive individual attention to ensure their experiences are best represented via their resume and cover letter, allowing employers to better understand their past experiences.

Industry mentors work directly with candidates on professional communication and interpersonal skills, ensuring that they fully present themselves to employers during official interviews.

Shoo-In works directly with world-class organizations in professional services to provide direct placements for internship and full-time roles – top talent connecting with top opportunities.