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Polaris Forum

by martin
Polaris Forum is a platform that bridges the East and West by connecting companies, organizations, and event organizers with the most compelling thinkers and influencers in the world.

The Right Keynote for Every Occasion

Polaris Forum will work not only to secure the keynote speaker for your event, but to ensure that they are the right speaker for your event. The keynote provides the central tone and sets the theme for your event. If the purpose of your event is to exchange new ideas, then your keynote must be definitive. Polaris Forum’s expert booking agents have the cross-cultural experience to make sure that your keynote speaker is exactly the right person for the occasion.

Streamlined Cross-Border PR

What is a great talk without an audience? Polaris Forum will go beyond just securing world class speaking talent for your event. We will ensure that your message is broadcast to the widest possible audience with comprehensive PR before, during, and after your event. Polaris Forum’s expert PR team can also target the international and domestic audiences and demographics you are most interested in reaching, ensuring that your message is not only broad but targeted for maximum impact.

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The Newest Ideas – The Hottest Trends

Polaris Forum is bridging East and West by connecting companies, organizations, and event organizers in the East with the most compelling thinkers in the Western world.

Polaris Forum can help you build a lineup of expert speakers around a topic of your choosing, or we can help you identify the ideas and viewpoints that will resonate most with your audience. What do you want to convey?

The keynote address will define your conference, so choosing the right topic and the right speaker is critical. Don’t compromise on this central pillar of your event.

Who do you want at your event? Our booking agents secure speakers from almost anywhere in the world, from political superstars to international celebrities to mind-blowing scientists and renowned business leaders.

You have a world-class speaker, now find a world-spanning audience. Our PR and marketing team can promote your event to a vast international audience or a targeted subset of demographics tailored to your organization’s goals.

Polaris Forum is a fast and dynamic firm, able to adapt to the needs of new clients on a moment’s notice. Let us know exactly what you need, and we will strive to provide it.