IEIE: US-China Expo

IEIE: US-China Expo

by martin
IEIE is an annual conference held in New York City involving 500+ thought leaders from across US & China.

IEIE 2017

The 2017 China-US International Enterprise and Innovation Expo (IEIE) welcomes over 500 thought leaders and industry professionals from four industries: finance, media, real estate, and technology. This unique event provides an intellectually robust environment to collaborate on the next wave of transformative commerce in Asia and North America.

Partnerships of Tomorrow

The International Enterprise and Innovation Expo (IEIE) offers a unique opportunity to connect with executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts that are driving the US-China collaboration of tomorrow. IEIE partners gain an unmatched array of marketing exposure directed toward companies involved in US-China commerce, both during (via branding placements) and after the event (via IEIE’s exclusive community). Connect with us today to learn about partnership opportunities & VIP access to IEIE 2017.

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Conference Highlight:

IEIE 2017 welcomes a host of keynotes and panels featuring senior executives from leading companies and Fortune 500 organizations. Professionals attending the conference include executives, industry experts, recruiters, and entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the thought-leaders you can meet and learn from at IEIE 2017:

  • Yihan Fang – CEO of Yirendai (NYSE: YRD)
  • Joe Mangione – Former CEO of Maxim Magazine
  • Xin He – CFO of Wanda America (HKG: 3699)
  • Umang Dua – COO at Handy
  • Farah Alli – Managing Director at Berkshire Hathaway

Examine the past, present, and future of US-China commerce. Network with over 500 industry leaders in finance, technology, and business.

Connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and executives to discover the latest in finance, technology, media, and real estate.

Discover the latest trends from on-the-ground professionals in China and the US. Learn the cross-border best practices necessary to the success of your next endeavor.

Meet prospective clients and partners representing 100+ companies. IEIE is a prime opportunity to meet cross-border partners in finance, marketing, and technology.