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Frequently Asked Questions

The Shoo-In Group specializes in cross-border business. Whether it’s marketing, finance, or business development, we understand the challenges involved in US-China commerce. Here are a few case studies for how Shoo-In can help:

When you are facing challenges with cross-border marketing

Our marketing experts can work with you to create a custom US-China campaign designed for maximum exposure. With offices in New York and Beijing, we can smoothly implement the ideation process.

When you building out an international office

Shoo-In Career can connect top talent from Ivy-league schools directly into your talent pipeline, so you can find candidates matching your exact needs.

When you need to explore a market opportunity

The Shoo-In Group’s business development services can transliterate your business requirements and provide the appropriate context to ensure client success.

When you want to promote your company's brand

We have 15 dedicated marketing professionals aimed to improve your brand’s positioning in both US and China across 20+ media partners spanning digital, traditional, and offline channels.

When you are looking for a cross-border partner

If you have a business opportunity and would like to inquire about further collaboration, simply contact us. We are here to ensure US-China success.