Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

by martin

Real Challenges. Clear Solutions. Measurable Success.

Our mission is to enable client success. We accomplish this by collaborating with clients to understand business challenges, bringing the necessary resources, appropriate tools, and the right people, to create a unique solution. We believe in our ability to shape the future of US-China commerce – one collaboration at a time. Let’s get started, today.

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54% International Staff


62% Women


78% with an Advanced Degree


  • Established in 2012
  • Offices in New York and Beijing
  • 5 Business Entities
  • Functional Areas: Human Resources, Marketing, Finance
  • Private Limited Company

About Shoo-In

The Shoo-In Group (TSG) is a collection of interconnected organizations that aim to facilitate cross-border transactions between the US and China.

We provide value-add advice based on established methodologies used by native organizations in both China and the US.

Discover how we can provide more insights into an ever-changing market.

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We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in business operations to help our clients create sustainable, organic progress and support businesses to take the next step forward.
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Shoo-In did a human capital assessment of our company and provided a list of action-oriented recommendations that were key to building out our incoming analyst and associate class. Their talent pool provided a very streamlined process to filling our talent requirements. Highly recommended.
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The Shoo-In Group supports companies to transform business and operation models to deliver breakthrough value. Our network of functional experts know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate to create opportunities from everyday challenges. We are proud to be a dedicated firm to improving US-China collaboration.

Our commitment to organizational success extends beyond our projects – we want to ensure absolute client success, every step of the way.