About Us

About Us

by martin

The Shoo-In Group is a collection of professional services firms dedicated to US-China commerce. We work with various organizations to help them make better decisions, create strategic programs, and transform organizations to enable success. Working with over 50+ top companies across US and China, we are passionate about achieving maximum effectiveness for organizations across the geographical, cultural, and business lines.

Success is our motto. We focus on delivering long-lasting results that endure changing economic tides by innovating new ways and furthering industry best-practices. We encourage our people to create new thinking processes at every step of the way. No matter the challenge, we are here to assemble the appropriate team to accomplish our client’s business objectives. Learn more about how we can help.

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Cross-Border Experts

No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and are here to deliver the answers for success.

Karen Tan



Chloe Zhou

Marketing Director


Cassie Li

Business Development Manager


Cindy Xing

Partnership Manager

Press and Recognition


List of Fast-Growing Companies 2016


NASDAQ – Leading Career Firm for Internationals 2016


China Summit Award Winner for Innovation 2016


Our mission is clear – to create a unique solution for our clients that enables measurable success.

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We draw upon industry experts and business professionals from our network to provide the right perspective.

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We provide US-China based commerce solutions that maximizes organizational effectiveness across worlds.