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The Shoo-In Group:
Facilitating US-China
Business Collaboration

Providing an Insider's View
into Cross-Border
Commerce & Business

Creating Lasting Value
through Experience
and Engagement.

We are a group of fast-growing companies facilitating international commerce between the US and China.

We help our clients find ways to turn information into actionable insights by providing cross-cultural business applications across human resources, corporate finance, and marketing & promotion.

Shoo-In Career connects top international talent with US & China-based employers.

Nimbis Group works funds & foundations to invest in innovation on an international scale.

IEIE is an annual conference held in New York City involving 500+ thought leaders from across US & China.

Polaris brings the world’s foremost influencers and experts to share their perspectives for corporate events.

Our Companies

We invest in the development of thought leadership to enhance our value proposition for our clients to best facilitate US-China collaboration.

Our goal is to empower our clients, for them to operate at maximum effectiveness. Regardless of where they are based, we are here to turn challenges into opportunities.

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About The Shoo-In Group

The Shoo-In Group (TSG) is a collection of interconnected organizations that aim to facilitate cross-border transactions between the US and China.

We provide value-add advice based on established methodologies used by native organizations in both China and the US.

Discover how we can provide more insights into an ever-changing market.

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Shoo-In Group Affiliates

Recent Projects

A Sample of Recent Transactions and Projects

The annual Shoo-In Stock Pitch provides a platform for top business students to compete and showcase their financial analysis skills in front of a panel of industry experts.

Shoo-In Stock Pitch – New York 2016

The Miniversity program is 14-day career acceleration program aimed to provide an in-depth bootcamp for professional services centered around Investment Banking and Management Consulting.

Miniversity – New York & Washington DC 2016

A night of professional networking attended by professionals across finance, consulting, and Fortune 500 enterprises, the Shoo-In Cruise Night provide a unique opportunity to connect with seasoned experts in a relax environment.

Shoo-In Cruise Night – New York 2016

Shoo-In brings great value to clients by forging partnerships
to enable long-term success.

The Shoo-In Proposition

Strategic Insights

We empower clients to deliver superior results – whatever we do, clients always come first.


We work alongside clients to ensure long-term success. This is value-add in its truest form.


Outside-the-box, innovative approach, industry-first…We will deliver at the end of the day.

Supporting US & Chinese Enterprises Since Day One


Satisfied Clients


Projects Completed


Team Members


Expert Network

We provide transformational services that make change happen. Our insights, network of experts, and client-focused approach enables a repeatable formula of success.

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We can provide key insights and industry data, so you can make informed decisions for long-term success.

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